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     AP Cover March 2019   

    Member David Lindwall's article
    got Guatemala? was published in
     the March 2019 issue of
    The American Philatelist. APS members
     may read the article online here.

   Topical Time cover

   The March/April 2019 issue of
   Topical Time,
   the journal of the American Topical
, contains two articles on
   Mayan topics on stamps.

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Large numeral cancel from Panzos
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Neither Mandos (The Large Numeral Obliterations of Guatemala, Special Supplement to EQ, 1954) nor Gruson (The Postal Markings of Guatemala, 2004) mention Panzós in their listings of the cities assigned to the Large Numeral Obliterations. Both mention that several of the numbers do not have assigned cities, as no covers with those cancels had been discovered. Neither is G1 helpful. In an article in EQ (#248, October 1985), Gerald  Kendall suggests that CNL4A was Panzós until it was transferred to Antiqua in 1881.

Can you tell what Type your cancel is? What is the date on the cover? Can you post a scan?

Eric Dyck
Librarian and Website Administrator
I recently acquired a cover from Panzos to Guatemala City that is obliterated with a large number cancel that is not readable.  Does anyone know which large number was assigned to Panzos?
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