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     AP Cover March 2019   

    Member David Lindwall's article
    got Guatemala? was published in
     the March 2019 issue of
    The American Philatelist. APS members
     may read the article online here.

   Topical Time cover

   The March/April issue of Topical Time,
   the journal of the Americal Topical
   Association, contains two articles on
   Mayan topics on stamps.

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I believe that Jaime Marckwordt has these which were in the publications he received from the estate of Cecile Gruson. Check with him.
Almyr, sorry to take so long. I have attached a PDF file of scans from a few selected pages from the book. The ISGC was sent a complimentary copy when it was published. If you have a particular chapter or index you are interested in, I'll scan it for you.

Eric Dyck
Librarian and Website Administrator
Thanks, Eric.  Not a big rush.  I saw a reference to these books, which were published in 2011, and I'm curious to see how in-depth they go into the postal history.
Almyr, I just moved, not even sure where the boxes are I need to check. I'll try to go through the ISGC Library material withing a week or two and get back to you.

Eric Dyck
Librarian and Website Administrator
Has anyone looked at "Historia del correo en Guatemala" and "La filatelia en Guatemala 1971-2011"? 

Any idea on how I might get a copy of Historia del correo?


Al Bump
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