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     AP Cover March 2019   

    Member David Lindwall's article
    got Guatemala? was published in
     the March 2019 issue of
    The American Philatelist. APS members
     may read the article online here.

   Topical Time cover

   The March/April issue of Topical Time,
   the journal of the Americal Topical
   Association, contains two articles on
   Mayan topics on stamps.

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ISGC Guatemala Stamp Album now free for members

Published on 2/5/2016
The ISGC is proud to announce that the ISGC Guatemala Stamp Album is now available for members to download at no cost. This album is based on the following publications:
  • Guatemala—1, edited by Roland A. Goodman (1969)
  • Guatemala—2, edited by Roland A. Goodman (1974)
  • Guatemala Philately, edited by David L. Jickling (1991)
  • The Postage Stamps of Guatemala, edited by Cecile M. Gruson and David L Jickling (2008)
The album was compiled and edited by Michael Bloom. The layout and design were done by Enarra Fitzgerald. The English language proof-reading was done by Martin Voelker and the Spanish language proof-reading was done by Oscar Diaz Echeverria.
The contents of the album include all major and minor ISGC numbers including perforation and overprint varieties. Much of the descriptive text in the catalogs also appears in the album. Our goal was to create an album which is fully customizable, so that the collector may revise or add pages and illustrations to match collecting interests. This album serves as a jumping off point for even the most advanced Guatemala collector.

The album needed to be easy to amend and update as new stamps are issued and research reveals new information. We decided to end the album at the year 2004.

The format of the pages matches the 10” x 11 ½” Scott specialty album pages, thereby allowing the use of Scott punched album pages and Scott binders for an elegant presentation. Spacing is set for use of stamp mounts. Spaces for forgeries are not included, but you can create your own special forgery pages.
The album comes in two different versions:
  • Version 1: Static File – The album file is available as an Adobe PDF file. The album can be printed at home, but it is not editable so the album cannot be customized. Almost every computer comes with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be used to print this album.
  • Version 3: Editable Microsoft Publisher File – This is the version that allows for full customization and printing and is the recommended version. The album file is available as a Microsoft Publisher file. You will need Microsoft Publisher to edit and print the album.
Printing the album. To print the album you will need a wide format inkjet printer! The author uses an Epson Workforce 1100, but most wide carriage printers will work and some can be purchased for as little as $150.00. Just make sure that the printer software allows for “custom” page sizes, like Scott’s 10” x 11½” paper. The full album (284 pages) will fill a 2 inch Scott binder.

Either version may be downloaded from the on-line ISGC Library. Click on Library in the Menu on the left side of the Home Page, and navigate to Publications.